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Wonders of Electricity


Today the world enjoys all manmade comforts due to one single phenomenon and that is electricity.


Alternating current the force behind electricity was a fascinating  discovery by a Serbian-American engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla. A genius who had filed more than 300 patents during his 86 years of life, and his inventions paved way for alternating current, induction motors, radio transmission and many more other things which are now helping us through products in our modern day of living. Without Tesla, you would have not been able to affordably power your home, let alone read this sentence through the global information highway.


Hydro power came into existence with his first large scale alternating current generator installed at Niagara Falls in 1895 which also brought the concept of grid connectivity.


We at KURANSA believe that his work on electrical resonance initiated the making of the modern world we live today and much honoured to give our little share using his great inventions.


Modern way of living

Ever increasing modern electrical conveniences will give us bills to take away a fair portion of our monthly earnings.


So why is electricity expensive?

Broadly, power generation happens from burning fossils and those reserves are drying up fast and unable to renew within our life time increases value. Nuclear powered generation will have even greater costs in setting up and bagged with hazardous operational waste. Energy from renewable sources like solar & wind having scalable electricity generation would be of much financial importance for homes & offices while Geothermal & Hydro will appeal on large scale production for the grid.


Why use Solar Electricity?

Save significantly on your monthly electricity bills

As you will not be purchasing as much power from the National Grid, your electricity bills will be significantly reduced. Once you have recovered your investment with the large savings you would be gaining on your monthly bill, electricity will be generated completely free from YourOwnPower. You will be using your air conditioner, refrigerator and freezer without worrying on electriciity bills.

Hedge against future electricity rate increases with solar power

Increased reliance on fossil, nuclear, geothermal, wind or hydro generated power, which depends on earth’s limited resources, to meet growing energy demands will see tariff rates increasing forever. This is unavoidable and all of us will be compelled to spend a good portion of our income to purchase electricity. The sun will shine for the next billion years! It offers us an attractive and a promising alternative as a long-term sustainable energy source for producing electricity.

Help the environment

Conventional methods of electricity generation leave a large environmental foot print. In Sri Lanka, the National Grid is fed by a mix of hydro and thermal/coal produced electricity with an increased reliance on the latter over the last couple of decades to meet increasing demands. Burning fossil fuels causes air pollution and produces greenhouse gasses that causes global warming and accelerates climate change. The predicted impacts of climate change will be felt by every plant and animal living on this planet. In addition, the machines that produce electricity through these sources contribute to noise pollution, radiation and many other health hazards. Solar energy is clean, pollution free, durable and has a very low carbon foot print that helps conserve the earth’s limited resources tremendously while silently giving light energy to produce electricity.

Did you know! An average one kilowatt solar electricity power system can save up to 1.5 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year – equivalent to 28,000 balloons full of Green House Gases.

Enjoy energy independence

Producing your own electricity from solar energy brings self-reliance and independence from frequent power break downs and power crises that has troubled us in the past. Our country could not have been better located to harness the sun’s power, where we never seem to run out of sunshine and blue skies!

Get more out of your roof!

Make your roof an electricity generator!

Solar Electrical Power Generating Systems



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